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The style of “scene” was originated from different rock subgenres such as alternative and hardcore. Scenesters take a lot of pride in their overall image, and often they appreciate shock value. Some people believe that scene is just a type of music. But scene kids feel that their style is not only a fashion statement, but an all-encompassing lifestyle.

Scene boys and girls tend to have choppy layers and side bangs in their hair. Some girls will tease their hair to make it poofy at the top. Also dying chunks of your hair random colors is popular in the scene style. Many scene girls will wear at least one bow/headband/tiara in their hair on a daily basis.

Makeup is another big part of the scene style. Both boys and girls will wear a generous amount of black eyeliner, although some girls will wear neon colors instead. For girls, bright eyeshadow and fake eyelashes are very popular.

Many scene kids will have facial or ear piercings. Gauge piercings are common. Tattoos are also typical with scene kids. Often they will have several of these, but it is not necessary.

Wearing several inches of rubber and plastic bracelets on each arm is popular with scene kids. So are plastic bead necklaces and necklaces with cute charms such as hello kitty, broken hearts, skulls, bats, diamonds, or lollipops. Scene kids wear sneakers such as converses, vans, DC’s, or Osiris’s. Childish colorful flats are common with girls. Large vintage sunglasses are popular too.

For clothes, scene kids of either sex will almost always wear skinny jeans. They can be black, blue, faded, paint splattered, ripped, or even neon colors. Wearing leggings as pants is not uncommon because they are generally even tighter than skinny jeans. Girls will wear tutu or layered skirts a lot, usually above the knees. In the summertime, very short jean shorts are acceptable as well. Under skirts and shorts, scene girls often wear bright leggings/tights or knee high socks.

For tops, graphic tees are typical with both sex. Skin tight tee shirts with cartoon characters such as hello kitty, gloomy bear, skeleanimals, pokemon, invader zim, or spongebob are very common. Scene kids also wear tees with retro patterns, polka dots, stripes, checkers, zebra and leopard prints. Band tees are very common.

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Scene kids are often very music-savvy and claim that “music is their life.” Typical genres are punk rock, dubstep, hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, classic rock, emo, crunk, metalcore, deathcore, pop-punk, and even hip-hop or rap. Most scene kids listen to unknown and local bands. They won’t listen to mainstream music such as pop. Scene kids show their love for music by going to many concerts, or as they call them, “shows.” Their style is at its height during these shows, where scene kids will meet up with their friends, and even strangers. Shows are in fact not just concerts, but often a place for socialization with other scene kids.

Most people who partake in scene lifestyle often choose to date/socialize only with those like them, which can cause bitterness or rejection to outsiders. Many people also judge scene kids by the way they dress and look. Scene kids refer to these bitter people as “haters.”

Many scene kids have strong beliefs about their style. Those who try to fit into the scene with the true scene kids are often called "posers." True scene kids hate being stereotyped, while posers will be so excited about their new style they will go around telling people that they are scene now. Many posers join the scene only for the attention, but are not interested in the music, which was originally the roots of the scene style.

The scene style is not only about fashion and interests, but scene kids talk a certain way too. Scene kids use a lot of old slang like hella, radd, uber, stellar, ect. Many scene kids will call things sexy or say something is "the sex," which basically means they like it or think its cool. They generally will use a lot of abbreviations and add letters to the ends of words. Some common words are kidd, hXc (hardcore), sXe (straightedge), betch, eff yuu. Scene kids normally don't use correct grammar or spelling and will use abbreviations like LOL, STFU, IDGAF, OMG, WTF.

Kids in the scene are often associated with certain areas such as art, creative writing, photography, fashion designing, poetry, tattoos & piercings, hair styling, singing, and writing or playing music. Other interests of scene kids include online social networking. Websites that are popular are Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, and Stickam.

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Other components of being a scene kid can include being straightedge, meaning not taking part in drugs, alcohol, or sex. Being a vegetarian or vegan is a new trend as well. Scene kids are often stereotyped as "emo." Even though their style seems similar, scene kids are quite different from emo kids. Scene kids are generally always happy. Another trend in the scene style is being bisexual or gay, but this is mostly for boys. Some words to describe most scene kids are friendly, confident, bubbly, cute, excitable, childish, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, and carefree.

So the scene style really is a whole lifestyle rather than just a fashion statement. Although scene has grown to be a very specific style, the main component of the culture remains to be the music.